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Consulting & Inspection Service

Assessments & Recommendations

Cherrywood Consulting Limited works with property owners and management companies to inspect existing roof systems and prepare comprehensive reports of their conditions.

Recommendations may be made for repairs and/or replacement. Methods for the repair and specifications for the replacement work can be provided to satisfy your particular requirements and budget.

We also work with architects, building owners and builders, providing consultation for new construction projects or building additions or alterations. Most architects, building owners and builders appreciate having an audit of existing conditions prior to beginning work on a project so that potential problems can be dealt with before they become an unforeseen site condition.

No one likes to have to ask for, or pay for, an extra which should have been identified or anticipated in the design stage or at the outset of the project. An inspection of existing conditions before the start of construction will enable decision makers to plan for additional repairs and/or replacement that may be required in order to ensure that roof leaks are not a problem after a project is completed. It is often important to document existing conditions prior to moving on site, so that problems cannot be blamed on the new construction work.

Cherrywood's Services

We are pleased to address any roofing concerns you may have - from roof inspection to roof repair or replacement. We can provide you with a no-cost proposal for new construction work, roof repair, or replacement of existing flat roof systems.

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