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We are pleased to address any roofing concerns you may have - from roof inspection to roof repair or replacement.
We can provide you with a no-cost proposal for new construction work, roof repair, or replacement of existing flat roof systems.


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About Cherrywood

Cherrywood Consulting Limited and Cherrywood Roofing & Sheet Metal have been providing Quality Industrial and Commercial Roofing Since 1991.

We originally started out by helping our clients with roof repair and maintenance work. We found that many larger roofing companies were not interested in these small projects and consequently have done very well addressing these projects rejected by other roofing companies.We are also highly detail driven and enjoy more complicated and challenging projects.
Small repairs and roof replacements are still an important part of our business, however many of our original customers have now entrusted us to larger roof replacement projects.

We are proud to have developed a relationship with some of Southern Ontario's finest General Contractors with whom we work together on new construction projects and additions to existing commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

Roofing and Environmental developments.
The roofing industry is always changing and we are continually updating our knowledge base about the latest developments.

There are more and more building owners and architects concerned about "Green" construction methods and sustainable development. Cherrywood is pleased to continue to be involved in roofing projects which involve Green Roofing, Reflective Roof Systems, and Roof Top Solar Panel Installation.

It is exciting that roof areas are now being used to reduce heating and cooling costs, storm water run-off, green house gas emissions and even produce renewable Green energy. Roofing today is responding to our changing attitudes towards the environment and Cherrywood is looking forward to the future with optimism.
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Industrial & Commercial Roofing

Cherrywood Roofing specializes in the supply and installation of industrial and commercial roofing systems.

Although much of our work involves the traditional 4-ply, asphalt, felt and gravel built-up roof system, we also supply and install single ply EPDM (rubber) roof membranes, 2-ply modified bituminous roof membranes and single ply TPO roof membrane systems.

We work with many general contractors in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario installing roof systems on new construction projects such as school additions, industrial buildings, retail buildings and hospitals.

Collaboration with Property Owners & Managers

We also collaborate with Property Owners & Managers who are responsible for ensuring that roof leaks are repaired promptly and roofs that are at the end of their serviceable life are replaced with new roof systems that will provide dependable service for future years.
Many of these clients include industrial and retail mall management companies, condominium corporations or condominium boards, and also building owners and management companies that oversee residential rental properties with flat roof systems.
We have an association with many fine suppliers who help us to address the needs of our customers.
The following is a short list of suppliers whose products have met or exceeded our expectations and those of our clients: Atlas, Bakor, Carlisle, Firestone, Garland, IKO, Johns Manville, Lexcor, Soprema, Thaler, Tremco, W R Grace.
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Residential. Flat Roofing

Photo of Dr Sanders

Our Technical Expertise in this area.

There are many roofing companies in the market place that are comfortable installing and replacing residential shingle roof systems. Unfortunately these companies may not be the best choice for replacement of the flat roof system on your home or the installation of a flat roof system on the new addition you are planning.

If it weren't for the heights or the pitch of the roof, almost anyone with a hammer could install a shingle roof system without a great deal of training. A flat roof system is a far more technical installation, requiring years of experience in order to provide dependability installation after installation.
Even a flat roof has to be designed with a small slope in order to provide adequate drainage. It may involve the installation of a vapour retardant and insulation to provide a desired "R" value suitable to the activity which the space below is to be used. Special considerations must be given to roofs above swimming pools and areas of high humidity.

Since many flat roof systems involve the use of hot asphalt, open flame or flammable materials, it is important that you deal with a roofing contractor both experienced in the installation of these materials and insured specifically for "hot" roofing applications in case an accident occurs. The insurance industry has been going through a major adjustment lately and many roofmg contractors are simply unable to obtain insurance coverage for flat roofing activities.
Many residential clients also wish to use the roof space as an extension of their living area. Roof top patios are becoming far more popular, as well as "Green Roofs" which allow you to enjoy a green oasis above your living space.

"Green Roof Systems" not only are good for the environment, but have also been shown to reduce heating and cooling costs for the building area over which they are installed.
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Consulting & Inspecting Services

Assessments & Recommendations

Cherrywood Consulting Limited works with property owners and management companies to inspect existing roof systems and prepare comprehensive reports of their conditions. Recommendations may be made for repairs and/or replacement. Methods for the repair and specifications for the replacement work can be provided to satisfy your particular requirements and budget.

We also work with architects, building owners and builders, providing consultation for new construction projects or building additions or alterations. Most architects, building owners and builders appreciate having an audit of existing conditions prior to beginning work on a project so that potential problems can be dealt with before they become an unforeseen site condition.

No one likes to have to ask for, or pay for, an extra which should have been identified or anticipated in the design stage or at the outset of the project. An inspection of existing conditions before the start of construction will enable decision makers to plan for additional repairs and/or replacement that may be required in order to ensure that roof leaks are not a problem after a project is completed. It is often important to document existing conditions prior to moving on site, so that problems cannot be blamed on the new construction work.
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Toronto West Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The project involved the replacement of the flat roof areas with a traditional 4-ply built-up, asphalt, felt and gravel roof membrane system. The sloped roof above the Sanctuary was replaced with a 2-ply, modified bituminous roof membrane system. Skylights were added to bring natural light into the Sanctuary.
Cherrywood Roof System for an alternative home at 157 Coxwell Avenue designed by "Spaces By Rohan" Architects in Toronto
Working at the Toronto Zoo on the roof of the African Penguin Exhibit.